Who we are

UM & Mitaq

UM & Mitaq Engineering operates in the field of precision mechanics, with the choice of placing itself in a high-end, with respect to quality, reliability and flexibility of the services provided.

The company is designed to be the ideal partner for medium to large companies, having the need to develop and experiment with special mechanical, with high accuracy and short time, based on the formula of the external collaboration, both for the design, both for the construction and assembly.

UM & Mitaq engineering is ISO 9001: 2008 certified through TÜV InterCert GROUP
Projects and products performed by professionals with extensive experience in the field
Design and construction in synergy for your "On Time" specifications



An enthusiastic customer for the automatic "locomotive" that can also be driven via the app via Bluetooth!

Automatic warehouse delivered: SAT positive!

Proposed new project proposal for a dimensional inspection machine in carbon-graphite components.

Who we are

Our services
We are 4 in one!
Engineering firm that develops mechanical design both on its own and on customer specifications.
Precision mechanical workshop that realizes special mechanical components according to customers' design
Assembly workshop for small and medium-sized mechanical groups for machines and / or automated lines
Mechanical testing laboratory for what we have designed, built and assembled.

UM & Mitaq manages and performs mechanical design and other engineering services through its technical department, divided into two sections.

A section (in the branch of Venice), is mainly engaged in the design, managing the relationship with customers and if requested by the customers of customers, including the assistance service and development of any updates and / or changes.

The other section (at the site of Padova), mainly deals with interfacing and interaction with the mechanical workshop, for feasibility analysis and optimization of the production, CAD / CAM implementation and management, process management until complete assembly and testing.

The service provided may relate to the design of individual customer specifications, or design and construction, when projects developed are executed directly within our workshop.

With our machine tools and a wide range of cutting tools with which they are equipped, we are able to apply the processing solutions best, in terms of speed and quality of execution for chip removal.



Why choose us?

UM & amp; Mitaq Engineering is your ideal partner & nbsp;
because it can design, build, assemble and test,
so supply your mechanical groups, machines and prototypes, turnkey operating